Astronaut Accidentally Calls 911 From Space

It is surprisingly easy to dial into 911 from space, as one Dutch astronaut found out.

Andre Kuipers told a public broadcaster in the Netherlands that while trying to respond to an important call aboard the International Space Station recently, he accidentally called the emergency service.

He says to make a long-distance space call you dial a city number and then 011, for Houston it was 9. Kuipers forget to include the zero and alarmed the Johnson Space Center when he keyed in 911.

In case you didn’t know, when 911 is dialed on that phone, an alarm goes off at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. It did. Kuipers was bummed that no one “came up.”

The Dutchman is surprisingly not the first to place a call from the ISS mistakenly. In 2015, British astronaut, Tim Peake, accidentally called a woman from space when he dialed the wrong phone number.

Source: Newsweek



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