Daily Do Good: Dying Neighbor Leaves 14 Years Of Gifts For Young Pal

For the last two years, Owen and Caroline Williams have lived next door to Ken Watson in Wales. Over time, the 87-year-old Watson became buddies with the Williams’ two-year-old daughter, Cadi. Watson recently passed away and his daughter came by to deliver some presents her dad had wrapped for his young friend.

The UK couple says Ken “doted” on little Cadi, but they were surprised by the gifts. Their neighbor bought 14 Christmas presents for Cadi, one to open every year until she’s 16. The touching gesture brought tears to the eyes of Cadi’s mom, dad, and grandmother, who had no idea the sweet man had done this.

Ken used to tell the Williams’ that he hoped to live until he was 100 so he could see Cadi grow up and while he doesn’t get that chance, he’s left her a legacy that will keep his memory alive for many years to come.

Source: Daily Mail



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