Beware Of This Netflix Scam

The Solon Police Department in Ohio posted an email where a user was sent a phishing email saying their account was put on hold after having trouble with their current billing information. The email goes on to ask users to click on a link to update their payment method. Police say do not click on the link and reach out to Netflix outside of that e-mail.

After Solon PD’s post, other police departments also posted a warning.

Social media users pointed out the email contained an international number, some punctual errors and was written with the salutation "Hi Dear." Those are what to look for when trying to determine if the email is legit. One other thing to ask, “who they really ask for this info with an email?” The answer almost all of the time is “no.”

On Neftlix's website it reminds users never to enter login or financial information after following a link in an email or text message. 

Source: ABC Chicago



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