Daily Do Good: Thief Returns Stolen Car With Full Tank Of Gas

Police in Nova Scotia say a woman called to report that her car had been stolen from a parking lot recently. She says she parked next to a car that was identical to hers and when she got back from shopping, her car was gone. But this was no ordinary car theft.

It turns out, the person who swiped her car did it all by accident. Police report the driver of the identical car came back to the parking lot, climbing into what he thought was his car, and then drove off. His key fob somehow worked for the other car, so he didn’t realize he was driving someone else’s car at first.

Once he realized he was in the wrong car, he returned it immediately, after stopping to fill the tank up with gas first. And then the owner of the “stolen” car paid him back for the gas, proving Canadians have earned their reputation for being nice.

Source: Daily Hive


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