Daily Do Good: L.A. County Libraries Let Kids Read Away Late Fees

At the Los Angeles County Library, card holders 21 and under can read away any late fees they owe. The program is called "The Great Read Away" and it allows young people to read away their fines at a rate of $5 an hour and they can do it reading anything they want.

L.A. County Library Director Skye Patrick says the idea came about after they noticed that kids who racked up debt from overdue books or movies would stop coming to the library altogether. That’s because for some folks, even owing $10 is too much for them to pay, so they had to stop using the library. But being able to read away their fines makes the libraries accessible again.

Since the program started last year, L.A. County says their 80-plus libraries have logged over 50,000 reading sessions and reinstated more than 13,000 accounts that were previously blocked.

Source: CBS News



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