Wilkes-Barre Woman Put Christmas Tree In Pothole While They Wait For Fix

Residents of a Pennsylvania neighborhood called attention to a large pothole in their street by filling it with a Christmas tree.

Marietta Spak said she was going through the Christmas decorations in the attic of her Wilkes-Barre home when she found a faux-fir that seemed like a perfect fit for her neighborhood's problematic pothole.

"I was upstairs in the attic and was looking for more Christmas decorations and thought that would look nice in the hole," Spak told WNEP-TV.

Spak said she wanted to help drivers avoid the hole, which she said has been getting worse in recent days.

"It can cause so many problems with these holes. That's not just a pothole. That's sinkage, and it's starting to spider web," Spak said.

Photos of the festive pothole went viral on social media and the city Department of Public Works said it is scheduled to be fixed this week.

Source: UPI



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