Teacher Who Cut Student’s Hair While Singing National Anthem Is Arrested

A California woman is facing multiple criminal charges for forcibly cutting a student's hair in an unhinged outburst.

We told you earlier that 52-year-old former University Preparatory High School teacher, Margaret Gieszinger, was filmed bringing a male student to the front of her classroom where she cuts chunks of his hair and sings The Star-Spangled Banner incorrectly.

She then attempted to cut others' hair by lunging at several students with the scissors in her hand. Students told KSFN that this is not Gieszinger 's first strange incident. She has since been removed from teaching, and could be charged on false imprisonment and cruelty to a child as well as battery and assault.

The former teacher pled not guilty to six counts against her on Friday. She was also released on bail. 

Source: BBC



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