Mom-To-Be Cancels Baby Shower After Her Family Mocks Her Baby Name Choice

An unnamed mom ended canceling her baby shower in a lengthy rant to Facebook, blaming her family for not supporting her unborn baby’s name: Squire Sebastian Senator. Keep in mind, that’s not a first, middle and last name… that’s just the first name. And she wants the little one to be called the whole thing - no nicknames.

The post has since garnered some attention online after being shared onReddit. In the rant, the mom defends her choice, insisting she wasn’t “crazy,” “drunk” or “mentally unstable” when she chose the name. Instead, she explains that her family comes from a long line of “both squires and senators.” She adds, “My baby’s name WILL be a revolution." (and get the crap kicked out him on the playground)

Calling her family “fake” and “judgemental,” she announces that the Squire Sebastian Senator Baby Shower is being canceled in lieu of a “smaller, more inclusive party.” One where she won’t be judged and people can’t “talk sh**t about my unborn baby.”

Read the full post HERE.

Source: Reddit

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