Fecal Bacteria Found On Every McDonald's Touchscreen Tested

Here’s another reminder to wash your hands before and after using a touchscreen. After testing touchscreens installed at McDonald’s locations in Britain, microbiology experts have discovered they tested positive for fecal matter and other bacteria… some of which is contagious.

Samples from machines at eight different restaurants, six in London and two in Birmingham, were tested at London Metropolitan University. Besides fecal matter, the study also found contagious bacteria like staph and listeria – the former can cause blood poisoning and toxic shock syndrome, while the former is particularly harmful to people with weak immune systems.

In a statement, a rep for the fast food chain claims their touchscreens are routinely disinfected “throughout the day with a sanitizer solution,” although the study concluded that people probably didn’t wash their hands before using the devices. The rep added that “all of our restaurants provide facilities for customers to wash their hands before eating.”

Source: Newsweek



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