Daily Do Good: Film Crew Breaks “No Interference” Rule To Save Penguins


British broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough and his BBC film crew don’t normally interfere with nature as they capture it, but they had to make an exception recently. They were filming some Emperor penguins in Antarctica when they realized some of the animals were in danger, so they broke protocol to save their lives.

The crew spotted a number of the penguin mothers and their chicks struggling to get out of an icy ravine and after seeing some of the babies die from the exceptionally cold weather, they stepped in to help. They dug a ramp resembling steps and soon after, the penguins started using it to get out successfully. Without the film crew’s assistance, they say the trapped penguins didn’t stand a chance.

“It’s such an unusual circumstance to do this,” explains Mike Gunton, executive producer of the BBC series being filmed. “There were no animals going to suffer by intervening. It wasn't dangerous. You weren't touching the animals and it was just felt by doing this... they had the opportunity to not have to keep slipping down the slope.”

Source: New York Daily News


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