Daily Do Good: Runner Reunites With Doctor Who Saved Her During Marathon

Over 52,000 runners from around the world set off shoulder-to-shoulder on November 4th to run the New York City Marathon. Kristie Elfering, a 41-year-old experienced ultramarathoner was among them with her friend and running partner, Victoria, but after running over the Queensborough Bridge, she didn’t feel right.

Kristie fell to the ground and was having a heart attack and Victoria was panicking, and that’s when Dr. Ted Strange ran by. He’s run 25 marathons without headphones, thankfully, otherwise he’d never have heard Victoria’s calls for help. He ran over and checked Kristie, and after realizing she didn’t have a pulse, he started CPR and asked for a defibrillator.

Paramedics and FDNY members ran to help and it took the team four tries to resuscitate her with the defibrillator. They finally got Kristie’s heartbeat back and got her in an ambulance to the hospital. Dr. Strange was shaken, but managed to finish the last 10 miles of the marathon “in a daze.”

He wanted to know the condition of the stranger he saved and thankfully one of Kristie’s nurses was able to connect her to Dr. Strange and the two finally reconnected in person. There were tears of joy knowing it could’ve been so much worse if he hadn’t run by at that moment. Now Kristie wears a portable defibrillator and she’s already making plans to run with her “hero” in next year’s marathon.

Source: CBS News



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