Man Sues Airline For Seating Him Next To An Obese Man

A man is suing British Airways for almost $13-thousand for seating him next to an obese passenger. Stephen Prosser has claimed that sitting next to the “extremely large” man during the 12-hour flight from Bangkok, Thailand to London left him with a back spasm and pelvic injury, which he says has caused him to lose earnings at work and give up mountain biking.

According to him, he didn’t confront the man because he seemed “self-conscious,” but was told by the crew that there weren’t any other seats available. Prosser described the man as being six-foot-four-inches and more than 300 pounds to a Welsh court, adding that “he sat with his knees wedged against the seat in front and the rest of his body overspilling into my seat by some inches.” By contrast, Prosser is five-feet, three-inches tall.

That size-difference is what Prosser says forced him to sit in an unnatural position for the 12-hour flight that he says triggered a more than decade-old spine injury. Thus, causing him to take off work for three months and see a chiropractor for two years afterward.

Source: The Guardian



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