Daily Do Good: Dog Named Hero Saves Boy With Diabetes

A dog named Hero lived up to his name recently when his owners say he saved their nine-year-old son Weston Murphy. The family just adopted Hero a few months ago and they had no idea their greyhound mix rescue dog would soon rescue their boy.

Weston’s mom, Myra, says Hero started barking in the middle of the night one night and he was so aggressive about it, she thought someone might have broken into the house. But Hero was sleeping in bed with Weston, who has Type One Diabetes and when mom came in to check, she realized her son’s insulin pump wasn’t working and his blood sugar was skyrocketing.

Myra says she can smell when Weston isn’t getting insulin because he develops ketones, which smell like nail polish remover, so she thinks that’s what Hero was smelling that night. But whatever it was, Hero proved he has the right name by alerting the family to the kid’s dangerous condition. Mom says, “He really saved Weston.”

Source: First Coast News


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