Bride Admits to Secretly Fattening Up her Bridesmaids Before Wedding

One UK woman admits to taking “bridezilla” to a whole new level.

Penny shared on “Whimn” that she was so competitive with her sisters, her bridesmaids, and wanting to be the sole center of attention, that she fattened them up with special “smoothies.”

Penny and her two sisters lived together leading up to the nuptials and every morning the bride-to-be would make herself a slimming smoothie and insisted on doing the same for her sibs. She spiked the girls’ drinks with mega-weight gain protein powder instead. It worked. They had to re-alter their dresses to make way for the weight gain.

Does Penny feel guilty? Hardly at all. And her sisters still don’t know how she sabotaged them.

Source: Sun

Photo courtesy of Getty


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