Apple, Samsung Fined for Deliberately Slowing Down Smartphones

The Italian government is fining Apple and Samsung for deliberately slowing down their older phones to encourage consumers to purchase newer models.  The Italian Competition Authority sent a news release that it is fining Apple about 11-point-four million dollars and Samsung five-point-seven million.  Apple is getting a higher fine because it has not properly informed customers about the lithium batteries used in iPhones.  The antitrust agency said the companies induced consumers to download software updates that caused serious malfunctions and significantly reduced their performance.  The agency looked at Apple's iPhone 6 and Samsung's Note 4. 

 Apple admitted that it slowed its software down on older models of the iPhone, claiming it did so because the batteries were less capable over time.  The company said the changes were to improve power management to avoid unexpected shutdowns.  Samsung said it was disappointed in the decision and plans to appeal.  Apple did not immediately respond. 



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