Daily Do Good: Generous Stranger Donates $170K For Kid’s Cancer Treatment

Thanks to a generous donation from a stranger, a four-year-old boy with cancer in the U.K. can get treatment in the U.S. that could save his life. Zac Oliver has a very rare form of leukemia - he’s only one of six people in the world who has it - and his parents have been raising money for a treatment that he can’t get at home.

Zac’s family had a treatment target amount of just over $650,000 and after reading about Zac’s story online, a mystery donor who wants to remain anonymous gave about $170,000 and they reached their goal. With the new treatment, Zac’s survival rate will be 60- to 80%, as opposed to the 25% chance of survival he has with the chemo he’s getting in England.

The family is headed to the states next month and Zac’s treatment can begin. “They have given us a massive gift - the gift of life for Zac, hopefully,” his mom, Hannah Oliver, explains. “Words just aren’t enough for us to express how much we appreciate everyone’s help.”

Source: Insight Human



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