Hand Sanitizer May Fight Germs Better Than Washing Hands

Cold and flu season is right around the corner and if you have kids, you know they’re probably going to get sick at some point, despite you nagging them all the time to wash their hands. But a new study from Spain suggests that parents and teachers swap soap and water for hand sanitizer to keep little ones from getting sick.

The study followed 900 preschoolers and found that those who used alcohol-based hand sanitizers were sick less than the ones who stuck to regular hand washing at daycare centers. The kids were divided into three groups based on the main method of keeping kids germ-free: one used hand sanitizers liberally, another had a rigorous hand washing routine and both groups got lessons in how important personal hygiene is and were given strict schedules to stick to. The third group used good old soap and water with no additional coaching.

And after the eight-month study was over, the data shows the kids using soap and water had a 21% higher chance of coming down with cold-like symptoms than the ones who used hand sanitizer. The soap and water kids also got prescribed medications 31% more often.

So moms and dads, stock up on the hand sanitizer. And it might be a good idea for anyone who hates sick days and is around kids or germs to do the same.

Source: New York Post



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