Daily Do Good: Man To Convert Cruise Ship into Homeless Housing

A man in Portland, Maine is trying to get the city on board with his idea of converting a cruise ship into a shelter for homeless people. Kenneth Capron explained his plans for Hope Harbor, which would use a decommissioned ship.

“We’re looking at four populations: the homeless population, the low-income population, the workforce population and immigrant population who all need housing,” Capron says, “They all need job skills training. We would offer that on board.” 

Although it’s not an original idea to provide floating housing for the homeless, the MemoryWorks nonprofit founder has taken the extra step and applied for a grant that will conduct the first feasibility study on transforming cruise ships into housing. Plus it does address the state’s homeless problem. Currently the boat would host about 800 people and an additional 300 crew members to offer social services, counseling, and support. 

Portland’s Mayor Ethan Strimling weighed in on the proposal stating he wasn’t sure if the idea was the "craziest” he’s heard or “brilliant.” Either way he appreciates creativity.

Source: Good News Network


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