DDG: Woman Leaves For Cancer Treatment, Volunteers Remodel Her Home

When 44-year-old Kerri-Lynn Larimer left her home for a week for cancer treatment, she wasn't expecting to come back to "dream home". Kerri-Lynn has been wanting to redo her floors, but with battling cancer she never had the time or energy to do it, so her best friend thought it would be a nice surprise if Kerri-Lynn came home to new floors. Her best friend texted some of their friends to help put in new floors and then they texted friends to help and then they texted friends to help. In the end, about 75 volunteers came out to help and Kerri-Lynn came home to new floors, a new bathroom, a bunch of new light fixtures, repainted walls, a fixed up yard, and even a brand new furnace. The volunteers even started a GoFundMe to start help cover medical bills and have raised over $23,000 for Kerri-Lynn and her family.



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