Daily Do Good: Pit Bull Saved From Fighting Ring Joins Police Dept.

After being saved from a fighting ring in Canada, a three-year-old pit bull has a new lease on life. The dog, Dallas, is training to become an official K-9 officer for the Honaker Town Police Department in Virginia. After his rescue in 2015, someone saw his qualities that showed potential.

Jen Deane, founder and president of Pit Sisters, a group that helps breeds who have a hard time getting adopted find homes, knew Dallas’s ball drive and desire for human praise were the winning combination to be a police dog. So she got in touch with the Throw Away Dogs Project, which is now training Dallas to sniff out narcotics.

“The dog is an absolute sweetheart and has tons of energy,” explains Carol Skaziak, founder of the Throw Away Dogs Project. She says Dallas is one of the few pit bulls in the country to go from a fighting ring to police dog training. The pup is heading to Virginia soon where he’ll complete his training with his future handler. The department is “super excited to welcome Dallas” to the team.

Source: MSN



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