Dog Learns To Ice Skate After Almost Being Put Down

Meet Benny, an ice-skater who also happens to be a dog. The adorable Labrador is a pro on the ice now thanks to his owner, former coach Cheryl Dan Sangro.

It all started when Sangro saved Benny from being euthanized at a shelter when he was just a few months old. She took him to hockey practice one day, and he’s been learning to skate ever since. After a year of training once every other week at the Las Vegas Ice Center, he’s a total natural.

Sangro even made him his own custom doggy skates, which he wears on his front paws while using his back paws to grip the ice. Not only is he a heck of an opponent when it comes to hockey, but he can also do tricks, too – crossovers, bunny hops, turns, you name it. As far as his owner is aware, he’s the only dog that can hit the rink. See the dog in action to the right.

Source: Mirror



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