DDG: Guy Lands First Electrician Job After Holding A Sign On Street

After graduating from Houston School of Carpentry, De’Andre Matthews had a tough time finding work. The 21-year-old from Texas says he applied to at least 30 jobs in the Houston area and had no luck, so the aspiring electrician got creative.

Matthews stood at a busy intersection passing out his resume and holding a sign explaining he was an electrical trade school grad looking for work, along with the hashtag #StriveForGreatness. The sign directed people to take one of his resumes and it worked! He landed a full-time job, thanks to his ingenuity. He says his phone was ringing off the hook from all the attention he got and was hired on the spot after a successful interview with an electrical service company.

“I accepted the job because my employer seemed to appreciate my knowledge and cared about teaching me,” says Matthews. “That really spoke to me.”

Source: Yahoo


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