Supermom Breastfeeds Baby During 107-Mile Ultra-Marathon

British ultra-runner Sophie Power is getting mad props after photos surfaced from her recent attempt at the massive Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB). She completed the impressive 43-hour, 33-minute marathon through France, Italy and Switzerland, all while making sure her baby was fed. How so?

Multiple times throughout the 107-mile "ultra-marathon," Power stopped to pump breastmilk for her baby Cormac, even breastfeeding him at the same time as pumping at one point. “Cormac usually feeds every 3 hours and it took me 16 to get to Courmayeur where he could first meet me, so I was hand expressing everywhere I could en route,” she explains.

How’d she do it? She enlisted her husband to meet her at different rest stops along the way so she could pump some milk for him to give to the baby or sit down and breastfeed him. Check out a photo below of Power and her two young children crossing the finish line.

Source: Runner’s World



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