Daily Do Good: NICU Volunteer Donates $1Million To Baby Unit

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Mobile, Alabama regularly asks for volunteers to rock babies whose parents can’t be there around the clock. Louis Mapp is one of the volunteers who rocks, feeds, and burps infants in the NICU and the 81-year-old loves the snuggles he gets. He’s also so impressed with the medical staff in the NICU that he just donated a million bucks to the unit.

Mapp says he’s happy to give money to a place that “has his heart.” He and his wife had only one stipulation for how the donation would be spent. The couple wanted the medical staff on the NICU floor to decide how to spend it since they know what they need to care for those tiny babies.

“I love to look at their expressions when I rock them,” Mapp says of his time with the infants. “We wanted something to support these precious people and their families long after we are gone.”

Source: WKRG



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