Police Raid Home Of Couple Who Raised Money For Philly Homeless Vet

The story of a homeless Philadelphia man apparently getting swindled after doing a good deed may have a happy ending after all.

We’ve been telling you about the ongoing drama of John Bobbitt and the couple that started a GoFundMe account to help him, then possibly drained the funds. The GoFundMe page raised over 400-thousand dollars, which is 360-thousand bucks after fees. The crowdfunding site has now stepped up to make sure Bobbitt gets his money. In a statement they say “Johnny will be made whole and we’re committing that he’ll get the balance of the funds that he has not yet received or benefited from. GoFundMe’s goal has always been to ensure Johnny gets support he deserves.”

Police executed a search warrant yesterday at the home of Kate McClure and her boyfriend Mark D'Amico, seizing a BMW believed to have been bought with the money, and several other items. The couple must appear in court on Monday. We don’t envy them; the judge was visibly unhappy about the behavior of the pair during a hearing earlier this week. 

Source: CBS Philadelphia



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