Andi's Daily Do Good: Family Farm Gives Half Away To Those In Need

A family farm in Mississippi helps those in need by giving away their crops for free. Mitch and Ann Smith have been using three acres of their 32-acre farm in Nettleton to plant peas for the public for the last 10 years. The Smiths sell their peas and let customers come pick their own, free of charge.

When the pubic comes out to pick, The Smiths let them keep half of what they get and they give the other half to the farm. Mitch says it works well for people on a fixed income. They even plant five rows and skip two rows so older folks can pick on the outside.

"We have people come and bring their grandchildren to the fields with them,” Mitch says. “They'll be laughing and singing. We build relationships with people. It's very rewarding."

Source: Sunny Skyz


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