Daily Do Good: After 77-Game Losing Streak, High School Team Finally Wins

It had been a really long time since Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School in Fort Worth, Texas won a football game. The Eagles had been a slump, a big one. We’re talking about eight years of losses. But that all changed when the team beat Conrad High School recently.

In the first game of the season, the Eagles finally broke their 77-game losing streak with a 40 to 12 victory. And after almost a decade of losses, they were more than ready for that win.

“I am glad this did end because all of those coaches and players had worked so hard; I know this weighed very heavily on them,” explains principal James Garcia. “This win wasn’t just for our coaches and our players right now, but for the community and all of the kids who had played here before.”

Source: Good News Network



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