Daily Do Good: Home Depot Workers Build Lemonade Stand For Little Boy

When Dawn Redmond learned that her best friend’s four-year-old son, Silas, was diagnosed with a Stage 4 rare type of childhood cancer, she wanted to do something to help. Her eight-year-old son, Christian, thought they could have a lemonade stand to help raise money for Silas’ medical care, so they reached out to the Home Depot in Apopka, Florida for supplies.

Dawn says she asked the store if they would consider donating supplies for the project, or offering a discount and Home Depot agreed. But when they went to pick up the lemonade stand supplies, they were given a completed, big, sturdy lemonade stand instead.

“My heart is so full and I am so touched by the AMAZING ladies at Home Depot who made this possible!” Dawn writes in a Facebook post that shows off pictures of the lovely lemonade stand and the helpful employees standing behind it."To know that people still exist and do things like this just makes me so happy! You all went above and beyond and I cannot thank you enough!!”

Source: CBS News



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