Neighbors Call Cops On Mom Who Let Child Walk Dog Alone

The battle between helicopter parenting and free range parenting just got more interesting.

It wasn’t that long ago that children were able to play outside by themselves or even walk their family dog alone. Someone in a Chicago suburb took exception to independent children by calling the Department of Children and Family Services on a family who let a little girl walk the dog.

Wendy Widen recently started the routine of walking the pet daily and now her parents are going through a legal nightmare. Mom Corey is not happy and says “I think it’s a crazy waste of resources.” Police had been called first and saw no issue and the person who made that call escalated things by calling DCFS.

The matter was resolved in two weeks, but Corey takes exception to being “mommy shamed.” “You never know who did this to you and it turns your life upside down.” she said. “I’m a homeschooled mom and I’m always with my kids. You can accuse me of a lot of things, not supervising them, is not one of them. My entire life revolves around them.”

Corey has learned through the process that other parents have recently gone through the same situation and hopes DCFS will evaluate how and why investigations are launched.

Source: CBS Chicago



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