NASCAR Driver Loses Sponsorship Over His Father's Racial Slur 35 Years Ago

Caution: the words of your parents could come back to bite you. Here is a perfect example:A NASCAR driver is losing a major sponsor because his dad used a racial slur n

It was brought to everyone's attention when another announcer recounted the story to the Indianapolis Star about how he froze when the word was used. Conor Daly was born in 1991, about 10 years later, but Lilly Diabetes said that the story was too much of a distraction. As for Conor, he took to Twitter and thanked Lilly Diabetes for their help in his racing career and let everyone know he's still racing but made sure everyone knew how unnecessary this all was. “"The last 24hrs have been quite an unnecessarily difficult ride for my family. There is A LOT I want to say.”

Source: Indianapolis Star



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