32 Children's Medications Recalled Over Contamination Concerns

Several kids medicines are being recalled because of a life threatening reason.

Thirty-two children's medications are being recalled over contamination concerns and risk of life-threatening microbial infection. King Bio, a North Carolina pharmaceutical company, has issued the recall.

The products are homeopathic medicines used to treat teething, cough, rashes, colic, bed-wetting and other conditions. The list of medicines includes 13 that are marketed under the brand name SafeCareRX.

Here is a partial list of the recalled products. The Full info including lot numbers, can be found at the FDA’s website.

  • DK Attention & Learning Enh.
  • Chicken Pox Symptom Relief
  • Children's Appetite & Weight
  • Children's Appetite Enhance
  • Children's Cough Relief
  • Children's Fever Reliever
  • Children's Growth & Development
  • DK Newborn Tonic
  • DK Nosebleed Relief
  • TonsilPlex
  • Children's Ear Relief Formula
  • DK Teething
  • DK Colic Relief
  • Tummy Aches
  • Kids Multi- Strain Flu Relief
  • Kids Stress & Anxiety
  • Kids Sleep Aid
  • Kids Bed Wetting (NP)
  • Kids Candida 4 oz

Source: CBS News



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