Pink Stops Concert To Comfort Fan Who Recently Lost Her Mother

Pink made the day of a 14-year-old fan who was mourning the loss of her mother. During Pink's concert in Brisbane earlier this week, Leah Murphy held up a sign that read, "My name is Leah – I'm 14 years old. I lost my beautiful Mum last month. I would LOVE a hug … Please!” and granted her request.

Leah’s mother had originally purchased tickets to Pink’s Sydney show with plans to go to the concert with her friend Jane, but when she died the friend took Leah instead. The Sydney show was postponed so Leah’s cousin Katrina Donkin decided to get tix to the Brisbane concert instead.

Once at the show, Leah and Katrina waved their signs as much as they could to get Pink’s attention, and when they finally did the singer paused the show in order to come down and give Leah the hug she wanted. Pink also signed the girl’s left arm.

“She hugged her so tight, Leah cried," Donkin told the “Courier-Mail.” "It was so beautiful and so meaningful." Check out the photo here.

Source: Courier-Mail



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