Parents Upset Over School District’s Fast Food Ban

As another school year kicks off across the country, some parents in Richmond, Missouri say it’s the school district who needs to learn. The Richmond School District has announced that fast food is no longer welcome on campus.

A post on Dear Elementary’s Facebook page got parents attention to the policy change. It reads: “New board policy states that no fast food is allowed at lunch or during school hours for students.” And since that social media post, moms and dads have been buzzing about the new rule.

"At the end of the day, we want to be able to decide on our own," says Chris Swafford, a father of five kids in the school district. "I thought it was overstepping at its finest. It's up to parents what their children eat."

Swafford points out that sometimes parents are busy or forget to pack their kid’s lunch and in the past they could swing by McDonald’s to pick up some nuggets and solve the problem. He argues that shouldn’t be an issue and other parents with children in the district agree. Mom of two Karen Williams says some kids have been treated to a fast food birthday lunch by their moms and dads since kindergarten, but she says she can see how other kids would feel sad if they never got that special meal.

So what does Superintendent Mike Aytes say about the fast food ban? His staff reports they’re too busy with the first day of school to comment on the policy change.

Source: Yahoo

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