Local Teacher Who Moonlights As Nazi Wrestler Can Keep His Job


You may recall that Kevin Bean, a veteran teacher from the Boyertown, Pennsylvania, was investigated after it was discovered he performs part-time as the Nazi-themed wrestler, “Blitzkrieg: The German Juggernaut.” Now it’s been revealed that he’ll be keeping his job as a sixth-grade teacher in the Spring-Ford district.

The news comes via a letter from the district’s superintendent, David Goodin. In the letter, Bean apologizes to “those in the community who were offended by such actions.” It’s still unclear whether he plans to stop wrestling as the Nazi-themed character, but he insists that the character doesn’t “reflect my personal feelings or beliefs.”

Goodin claims in the letter that the investigation didn’t turn up any violations of the school board’s policies, although he does press that the school isn’t backing up his act. “The actions demonstrated in the video are not supported or sanctioned by the Spring-Ford Area School District." it reads. "Mr. Bean understands that the character he played has been viewed by some as being offensive.”

Source: Daily Local


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