Daily Do Good: Cops Doing Welfare Check Rescue Tot From Drowning Next Door


A toddler is alive and well today thanks to some police officers who happened to be in the neighborhood. James Holmes of Glendale, Arizona, says his two-year-old daughter, Diana, fell into the pool, so he grabbed her and frantically pounded on his neighbor’s door, hoping someone could help the unconscious toddler.

Luckily, Officers Jacob Gonzales and Joe Procopio were at that home doing a routine welfare check and knew what to do. Gonzales started CPR on the little girl and continued until she let out a cry, a sign she was okay. Diana was checked out at the hospital and made a full recovery.

"I know nowadays our law enforcement officers are getting a bad rap, and they don't deserve it," Holmes said in a press conference with the police. “They are heroes. They put their lives on the line every single day. And they'll do whatever they can to save our lives. My daughter is here because of a law enforcement officer."

Source: Inside Edition


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