Residents Peeved At Extremely Public, Eco-Friendly Urinals

Public urination has become such a problem in Paris that open-air urinals, a.k.a."uritrottoirs," have been installed in the French capital, and residents are less than pleased. 

These urinals are exactly hidden. They are on full display in the city, and while they are housed in flower boxes, they are bright red, with huge signs denoting their presence. There’s even one near Notre Dame cathedral, which has a lovely view of the River Seine. The eco-friendly urinals will help produce compost for parks and gardens, but that’s not exactly making them welcome, with locals writing to the town hall in protest. 

“I think installing a urinal in the streets of Paris for those who don't respect their surroundings is a good idea, but in my opinion, this model is not attractive at all, and where it's been set up is not appropriate at all," one person told a reporter, while another resident added, "it is definitely a desirable and historic neighborhood, but seeing people urinating right in front of your door is not the nicest thing." 

These public urinals aren’t exclusive to Paris. They’ve been in Amsterdam for years, with other cities in Belgium and Australia trying them out as well. 

Source: CNN



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