DDG: Chuck E. Cheese Employees Buy Gifts When No One Shows For Kid’s Bday

Angel Kazanis wanted her son Evan to have a special fourth birthday, so she invited 30 kids to come celebrate with him at a party at Chuck E.Cheese. But when no one showed up at the New Jersey restaurant, the look of disappointment on Evan’s face broke his mom’s heart, and it got to some of the employees, too.

Taylor Inzinna was working that day and says she was so upset, she wanted to find a way to make it up to the little boy. She posted on Facebook that she wanted to give Evan a party with presents and thanks to friends, family, and coworkers, she collected around 13 gifts for him. She called Kazanis and asked if they could come back in.

"The day he came back in, seeing the smile on his face was everything I wanted," Inzinna says. "I had one goal that day and my goal was to make sure that he left happy. And he left going, 'Oh my God, Mom, this is the best day ever.'''

Source: Inside Edition



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