Botched Eyebrow Job Leads to Wild Nail Salon Brawl

Tempers continue to flare in Brooklyn, days after a video went viral in which employees at a nail salon got into a physical altercation with a customer.  In that video, the patron, an African-American woman, refused to pay after she was unhappy with an eyebrow waxing.  The tiff turned violent when the salon's employees, who were of Asian descent, pummeled the woman with dustpans and broom handles.  Monday night, about 150 demonstrators went from the salon, Red Apple nails in East Flatbush, to another salon owned by them, Beautiful Red Apple nails, and chanted "Shut them down" and "Where is ICE," suggesting the workers may be illegal immigrants.  Police were at the scene and had to escort the employees to safety.  No injuries were reported.



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