DDG: Company Helps Employees Start Families By Covering IVF Treatment

When families struggle to get pregnant, some turn to in vitro fertilization treatments as an option, but they’re expensive. IVF treatments cost around $12,000 and up and there’s no guarantee of success, so that price keeps some hopeful parents from being able to try them. That’s why it’s such good news that Ultimate Software covers them for any worker struggling to have a family.

Several Ultimate Software employees have been able to have a baby thanks to the company including IVF coverage in their medical plan. Vivian Maza, Ultimate Software’s chief people officer sends encouraging notes to workers who haven’t yet had successful pregnancies with treatment and messages congratulating those who have.

“UltiPeeps (the company’s nickname for employees) matter to us,” says Maza. “Unfortunately, we have some people who haven’t been able to fulfill their dream of having a family and can’t afford the high cost of IVF treatment. We want to ensure that we are listening to our people and make changes important to them, where we can make a difference in their lives.”

Source: People



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