Andi's Birthday Bash!

Andi's Birthday Bash is powered by Peach Tree Cremation Services


Andi is turning 35 on Thursday July 19th and wants to help get pets adopted from the Animal Rescue League of Berks County for her birthday! ARL will be featuring special pricing for their pets now through Sunday July 22nd in honor of Andi's birthday! Plus, all the pets featured on the Y102 Morning Show (aka Andi's Birthday Party) will go home with a birthday favor bag filled with goodies for both the pet and new owner like a gift card from United Artists Salon and Spa and Silver Maple Veterinary Clinic

Here are the pets featured on the Y102 Morning Show during Andi's Birthday Party:

Meet Cinnamon and Sage! They're 10 week old long-haired kittens, and they were found in a Habitat for Humanity home downtown and have been cared for in my home since the end of May. Cinnamon should be available for pick up next week once she is spayed, but can be pre-adopted now; Sage was just neutered this week and is ready to be adopted. They love playing with balls and feather toys and love climbing their kitty tree! They are still very kitten like and prefer playing over cuddling until they get tired, and then they love curling up on your lap--or your keyboard!--and falling asleep. Right now for Andi's birthday, these kittens are $35 each!

These sweeties are Josie and Phoebe who were part of a group of cats that were surrendered together, and they truly love each other! When you find them at the shelter, it's unusual to find them on separate levels of their kitty condo--instead, they're usually snuggled up together and spending time together, which can be unusual for cats--even litter mates--once they've outgrown their kitten tendencies. Their lovable and snuggly nature translates well to people too! Expect them to enjoy each other's company when they're not with you, but to love receiving your attention and love when you're with them! They're both 3 years old, and Josie is the calico on the left and Phoebe is the calico/tortie on the right. Right now for Andi's birthday, Josie and Phoebe are both FREE to a good home!

We bet you smiled when you saw that picture of Tequila, right? She's a 5 year old American Bully, and her smile is contagious! She's been a favorite when we take her to events, and she gets along so well with the volunteers who take her and walk her. She's looking for an active home since she has a lot of energy, and she also needs a little training to refine her manners. She can be a little pushy with other dogs, so we recommend a slow introduction with your own dog if you decide to adopt her, or that she would be an only dog in your home. Right now for Andi's birthday, Tequila's adoption fee is 35% off!

This lovely lady is Hallie! She was found as a stray, so we are unsure of her exact age, but she's active, lovable, and has many years of love to give! She's very sweet--and petite!--and loves getting scratches behind her ears. Hallie is happy to give and receive affection when you initiate it with her, which we know is desirable for many cat families who may not want a cat constantly meowing at their feet nor hiding off in a corner. She's truly a perfect kitty! Right now for Andi's birthday, Hallie is FREE to a good home!

Look at those ears! Gypsy is a 6 year old pit bull mix who loves to be active! She can get the zoomies on her leash and needs a little refinement in her manners, so we'd love to see her go to a family where they're experienced with dog training or looking to invest some time in her manners--or give her a place where she can run in a big and fenced in yard! She'd also do best as an only pet and with older kids since she tends to guard her food and toys, according to her previous owner. Right now for Andi's birthday, Gypsy's adoption fee is 35% off!


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