Daily Do Good: Woman Tracks Down Nurse Who Helped Her As A Child

When Liz Brown was 14, she had a spinal tumor and spend four months at Addenbrooke's Hospital in the U.K. for treatment. And one of the nurses who cared for her during her stay made such an impression, the now 43-year-old searched for her and has finally found her, thanks to social media.

Brown says her nurse, Debbie Bye, realized the teen was struggling with being in the hospital for so long, so she did “silly things” to make her cancer treatment “less painful.” She credits Bye for giving her little jobs to do, like delivering the mail, which helped her cope with everything she was dealing with at such a young age.

After Brown posted on social media that she was looking for nurse Bye, more than 2,000 people retweeted her appeal. The women have now reconnected, thirty years later, and plan to meet in person soon.

"Debbie inspired me to go on to work with children as a sensory support assistant,” Brown says of her former nurse, “And I think everything I have done is down to the way she realised that spirited, rebellious teenager was a real person, no matter what was wrong with her."

Source: BBC



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