DDG: “Donut Boy” Hands Out Over 65k Doughnuts To Officers Across U.S.

A few years back, Tyler Carach saw four officers and asked his mom if he could buy them doughnuts with his allowance. They were so appreciative of the boy’s kind gesture, it motivated him to think bigger. Now “Donut Boy” is 10-years-old and is on a mission to thank all the police officers in the country with a doughnut.

The fifth-grader from Florida has already delivered over 65,000 doughnuts to officers in 31 states, all in less than two years. He and his mom hit the road during school breaks and summer vacation to reach that goal. Sometimes the doughnuts are donated and sometimes they buy them at a discount, since they’re getting 20 dozen or so at a time.

Follow the adventures of “Donut Boy” and check out his “Donut Counter” by state here.

Source: Today



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