Daily Do Good: DNA Kit Helps Woman Find Long-Lost Siblings

Growing up, Sally Catherine Armstrong knew she was adopted, but she didn’t know anything about her biological parents. She had been told that she was abandoned in a Virginia hospital bathroom right after birth, so she always wondered if she had a biological family out there somewhere. And when the 29-year-old Texas woman did the DNA kit 23andMe, she finally found them.

Armstrong sent the kit away and found out she had a sibling in Pennsylvania, who turned out to be her half-sister, Sterling Crawford. Within hours, the two were talking on the phone and that’s when Armstrong learned she doesn’t just have one sister, but three other half-siblings as well.

The five siblings recently met for the first time at Armstrong’s older brother Kevin Overton’s home and had a weekend of getting to know each other and trying to make up for lost time. They’re already planning more get-togethers and Armstrong says she got emotional at the airport when she was leaving and realized, “I love these people so much and I just met them.”

Source: Dallas News


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