Hero Cat Fights Carbon Monoxide Effects to Save Family From Dangerous Leak

Normally a silent member of the family, the Kecskes family’s cat, Mr. Boo, recently woke them up by meowing, which ended up saving their lives. The cat alerted them to a potentially fatal carbon monoxide leak coming from an issue with a gas boiler in their basement.

“I woke up to my cat meowing. He never meows. He usually just squeaks or doesn’t meow at all,” explains Ariana Kecskes. “It’s actually kind of a joke in our family.”

Mr. Boo walked up and down the hall, meowing until his owners got up. He reportedly even passed out a few times as he was feeling the effects of the carbon monoxide, but he kept rallying to save his people. Thanks to his persistence, the family and their other cat all escaped unharmed and Mr. Boo saved the day.

Source: People



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