Woman Cited After Urine Explodes In 7-Eleven Microwave

A Colorado woman has been cited by police after heating up her urine in a 7-Eleven microwave went really wrong. First, let's start with the "why?"Angelique Sanchez had to take a drug test for a job. So she took a sample of pee (presumably not hers) and attempted to warm it - as testers check the sample's temp - to make sure it's fresh and untampered with. Sanchez's efforts went awry when her container EXPLODED in the microwave. A store clerk had called police after hearing the “loud bang” from the microwave and told Sanchez to clean it up - she did and was later found at a testing center. No word if Sanchezgot the gig, but she caused about $500 in damages - and has been slapped with a summons for damaged property.



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