Southwest Flight Makes Unplanned Landing Because of Broken Window

A cracked window led to an emergency landing of a Southwest Airlines flight. Flight number 957 from Chicago to Newark was diverted to Cleveland yesterday morning after a huge crack and a portion of a window's glass appeared – with a piece missing. No one was injured.

In a statement, Southwest says passenger safety was never question and that the plane's flight crew "made the decision to divert the plane to Cleveland for maintenance review of one of the multiple layers of a window pane." They also said that the aircraft had been inspected just last month.

Passenger Sylvia Styka says that she heard "a loud crash, like something very heavy had just fallen off of something” before hearing a woman say, "Something cracked the window" and she and the passengers around the window quickly scattered. The incident comes just two weeks after a woman died aboard a Southwest flight when the engine exploded, causing shrapnel to smash her window.

Source: NBC News



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