Daily Do Good: NICU Babies Hear Recordings Of Mom Reading And Singing

Thanks to a new program at an Atlanta hospital, babies in the NICU can hear lullabies and bedtime stories in their own mothers’ voices. These infants have to spend the first few weeks of their lives away from home, but music therapists and volunteers with Little Lullabies record moms singing and reading to play for newborns at bath time or bedtime.

Parents of NICU babies can’t be with them all the time, so this program at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta helps strengthen their bond while they’re apart. And music therapist Hannah Bush says hearing mom’s voice also helps comfort the babies in a difficult environment.

"It’s really helpful for infants to be playing those voices. It’s been shown that it decreases cortisol level, which is our stress hormone, which is calming for them," Bush explains. "It can help them when they’re crying to hear mom’s voice, which is really great when you’re in a hospital environment with a lot of beeps and sounds."

Source: Inside Edition



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