New App Will Reduce The Amount Of Time You Are On Your Phone

2023 finds that the average screen time for users between the ages of 24 and 64 is 6 hours 37 minutes per day. That means we’re staring at a screen for more than a quarter of the day!

Dr's say this has lead to a massive increase in a something called asthenopia, which is a fancy word for eye strain. Also sleep Docs say our sleep patterns are out of whack.

While we rely on screens for work, banking, shopping and communication, we also like the dopamine hit we get from scrolling. But a new study has found a way to curb that addiction and it’s all about making your phone incredibly annoying to use. Researchers with the University of Michigan found that phones that are more annoying to use are less appealing to us, which makes sense.

  • There are lockout apps that will lock you out of your phone for a set amount of time, but the study authors found something that works better for managing screen time.
  • Their research shows that interfering with swiping and tapping functions is around 16% more effective at reducing screen time and the number of times an app is opened than locking users out of their phones.
  • The researchers created an app, InteractOut, that’s better at limiting screen time because it’s harder to ignore than lockout apps. It can delay the phone’s response to a gesture, move where tapping motions are registered or slow screen scrolling speed.
  • The delays and shifts become stronger every time the user touches the phone, as far as a pre-set maximum the user chooses.
  • Basically, it forces the user to think harder while using the phone, which makes them more aware of what they’re doing, so it’s easier for them to decide whether to keep scrolling or not.
  • It makes users more mindful of what can be a mindless action, which researchers think could be the key to making smartphones less addictive.
Close up young shocked woman looking at mobile phone screen.

Photo: fizkes / iStock / Getty Images

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