Daily Do Good: Restaurant Manager Risks Life To Save Boy On Busy Road

When Delta Harper, the manager of Atlanta restaurant Agave, saw a young boy wander into the busy street, she knew she had no time to waste and needed to do something fast. Seeing the child in imminent danger, she rushed out and stopped traffic to protect him.

Harper described feeling a strong instinct to intervene when she noticed the lost boy on the street. Despite the danger of oncoming traffic, she acted quickly to ensure his safety.

Thanks to Harper's quick thinking, the boy was not harmed and was soon reunited with his grateful parents. Reflecting on the experience, She says she’s just grateful for being in the right place at the right time and that her actions were driven by a sense of duty and care for the child's well-being.


Car Tail lights in Traffic

Photo: JLFCapture / E+ / Getty Images

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