Talk About Bad Luck! a Piece of the Space Station Hit a Guy's House

In Florida: A guy in Naples named Alejandro Otero is trying to get NASA to cover the damages after a piece of trash from the Space Station hit his house. That's what people think it was anyway.  

It happened last month. At 2:34 P.M. on March 8th, a two-pound object crashed through his roof . . . came through the ceiling . . . and blew a hole in his wood floor. He wasn't there, but his son was. A security camera recorded the sound.  



2:34 would make sense, because U.S. Space Command tracked a piece of debris from the Space Station reentering Earth's atmosphere over the Gulf of Mexico five minutes earlier at 2:29 P.M.



The object they tracked was a bunch of depleted batteries that were supposed to be sent back years ago in a controlled descent.



They missed their ride home after a series of delays. So NASA jettisoned the batteries in 2021 and basically hoped they wouldn't hit anything when they fell.



Alejandro is still waiting to hear back from NASA. They say engineers at Kennedy Space Center will analyze the object "as soon as possible" to figure out what it is.

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